Artist: Chōkyōsai Eiri (鳥橋斎栄里)

Alternate names:
Hosoda (possibly his family name - 細田)
Rekisentei (go - 礫川亭)
Shikyūsai (go - 鳲鳩斎)

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Chōkyōsai Eiri (fl. 1790s) is another notable artist in the Eishi manner, famed for his rare portraits and sumptuous shunga, which are sometimes confused with the work of Eishō. His figures are characterized by a solid, worldly charm and are rather more humanized than those of his contemporaries other than Chōki.

Laurance Roberts lists four different sets of kanji characters as reading 'Eiri': 栄里, 永理, 永艃 and 永梨.