Actor: Nakamura Daikichi I (初代中村大吉)

Alternate names:
Hachō (poetry name?)
Fujikawa Daikichi (藤川大吉)

Lifetime: 1773 - 1823

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This actor held this name from 1800 until his death in 3/1823. Born in Kyōto, he started his career as a disciple of Fujikawa Tomokichi I, who gave him the name of Fujikawa Daikichi.

Daikichi I was born in 1773 and died on the 22nd day of the 3rd lunar month of 1823.

Nakamura Daikichi I was a talented and popular actor, who was trained in Kamigata and achieved fame for himself in Edo from the middle of the 1810s to the beginning of the 1820s. He was a wakaonnagata actor, who did not hesitate at the end of his career to perform sometimes as a tachiyaku. He was excellent in sewa nyōbō or onna budō roles. He was also a gifted dancer, mastering the hayagawari technique.