Actor: Onoe Shōroku I (初代尾上松緑)

Alternate names:
Jusen (poetry name)
Sanchō (poetry name)
Shōroku (poetry name)
Onoe Matsusuke I (初代尾上松助)
Onoe Tokuzō

Lifetime: 1744 - 1815

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This actor held this name from 11/1809 until his death in 10/1815.

Shōroku I was born in 1744 and died on the 16th day of the 10th lunar month of 1815.

Onoe Shōroku I started his brilliant career as an onnagata but became famous as an amazing tachiyaku. He was a great jitsuaku in his latter years. His forte were ghosts plays and hayagawari techniques.

Onoe Shōroku I was also a talented musician and the owner of a cosmetics shop in the district of Fukiya-Chō in Edo.

Onoe Kikugorō III (三代目尾上菊五郎) was his adopted son. There are more than 25 prints in the Lyon Collection representing Kikugorō III while there is only one devoted to Shōroku I.