Actor: Ogino Senjo I (初代荻野扇女)

Alternate names:
Kayū (poetry name - 花友)
Senjo (poetry name - 扇女)
Fujikawa Kankichi I (初代藤川官吉)
Fujikawa Katsusaburō I (初代藤川勝三郎)
Fujikawa Kayū III (三代目藤川花友)
Fujikawa Tomokichi III (三代目藤川友吉)

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This actor held this name from 12/1862 until his death in 1871. We don't know what year he was born but we do know that he died on the 11th day of the 8th month of 1871. His father was Fujikawa Tomokichi II (dates unknown). His son was Fujikawa Tomokichi IV (died 1871).

Senjo started his career as Fujikawa Kayū III in 6/1840 in Osaka in the role of Chidori in the drama "Heike Nyogo no Shima." Others performing in this play were Ichikawa Danzō V, Nakamura Shikan III and Arashi Rikaku II.