Artist: Katsushika Hokui (葛飾北為)

Alternate names:
Fukao (family name - 深尾)
Haku Sanjin (go - 白山人)

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Pupil of Hokusai. Roberts gives dates - ca. 1830-40 - that do not agree with the dating on the triptych in the Lyon Collection, #1304. A major Japanese web site lists his dates as unknown.

The curatorial notes from Arizona State University read:

Katsushika Hokui, also known as Fukao Hokui, is something of a mystery. It is known that he was a member of the school of Hokusai, and that he was a painter of birds as well as being an ukiyo-e artist. There are only a handful of known prints by Hokui, which is surprising because they show the polish of a master.