Role: Kidōmaru (鬼童丸)

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Noriko Reider wrote: "Kidōmaru literally means Demon Boy; there is no explanation about who this Demon Boy is and what he does. The story tells that Raikō stops by for warm saké at his brother's house one cold night when he sees Demon Boy tied up at the stable. Raikō warns his brother to tie Demon Boy more firmly. Insulted, Demon Boy attempts revenge on Raikō and escapes his bonds. The following day Demon Boy hides himself in a bull's belly and ambushes Raikō, who is on his way to Mt. Kurama. Tsuna sees through the situation and shoots an arrow into the bull in which Demon Boy is hidden. Demon Boy, pierced by Tsuna's arrow, jumps out of the bull and dashes off to kill Raikō. Undaunted, Raikō draws his sword and beheads Demon Boy with a single stroke; thereupon Demon Boy's head flies off and bites into the front rope decoration of the harness of Raikō's horse..."