Artist: Saikōtei Shibakuni (西光亭芝国)

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"Shibakuni was a very talented followers of Yoshikuni and probably a member of the Jukōsha circle of poets. His earliest datable work, an ōban diptych, was published in 5/1820 by Tokuraya Shimbei and shows at left Nakamura Utaemon III as Miyamoto Musashi and at the right Kataoka Nizaemon VII as Kashara Shinsaburō in 'Ganryū-jima' at the Kitagawa Theater in Kyōto.

Shibakuni may have been active until 7/1826, but possibly longer, until the early 1830s."

Quoted from Ōsaka Kagami 大阪鏡 by Jan van Doesburg, p. 51.