Artist: Utagawa Kuniyoshi (歌川国芳)

Print: No. 23 (廿三): Katsuta Shinzaemon Taketaka (勝多真左衛門武尭) from the series
Biographies of Loyal and Righteous Samurai (Seichu gishi den - 誠忠義士傳)

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Dates: 1847,created
Dimensions: 9.75 in,14.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Ichiyūsai Kuniyoshi ga
Artist's seal: kiri
Publisher: Ebiya Rinnosuke
(Marks 040 - seal not listed)
Censor's seal: Mera and Murata
Number 23: 廿三

Related links: British Museum; Museum of Fine Arts, Boston; Waseda University; Tokyo Metropolitan Library; British Museum - another Kuniyoshi print from 1857 devoted to this same character; Museum für Kunst und Gewerbe, Hamburg;

Physical description:

There is another copy of this print in the Art Gallery of Greater Victoria in Australia.


Illustrated in Kuniyoshi: The Faithful Samurai by David R. Weinberg, 2000, #I.23.