Artist: Torii Kotondo (鳥居言人)

Print: Rain (Ame - 雨)

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Dates: 1929,created
Dimensions: 11.75 in,18.25 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Kotondo ga (言人画)
Artist's seal: Kotondo
Date: Shōwa yonen jūgatsu
Showa 4, 10th month
Title (embossed at bottom): Ame (雨)
Publishers' seal: Sakai Kawaguchi go ban

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Physical description:

The tranliteration of the script along the right side of the print reads: Gaikoku-yuki nihyaku-mai-kagiri zeppan dai hyaku sanjuyon-ban Torii Kotondo.



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3) In black and white as #131 in Modern Japanese Prints by Dorothy Blair, 1977 reprint.

4) In black and white reproduction in The Japanese Print Since 1900: Old Dreams and New Visions by Lawrence Smith, p. 69.


6 prints of Kotondo's were published jointly by Sakai and Kawaguchi. The second edition of this print was published only by Kawaguchi.