Artist: Tsukioka Yoshitoshi (月岡芳年)

Print: Miyagino and her sister Shinobu plotting to revenge the death of their father (Keisei Miyagino imōto Shinobu - 傾城宮城野妹しのぶ). From the series '24 Accomplishments in Imperial Japan' (Kōkuku nijūshi kō - 皇國二十四功).

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Dates: 1881,created
Dimensions: Overall dimensions

Signed: Yoshitoshi (芳年)

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Physical description:

The notes from the Claremont Colleges digital collection note:

Miyagino and Shinobu, whose whose [sic] farmer father was murdered by the samurai Shiga, swore to avenge his death. In secret they trained themselves in the martial arts. They then went to the local daimyo and challenged Shiga to a duel, killing him in the fight that followed. The image depicts the meeting of Miyagino and Shinobu in the brothel where Miyagino works. After the death of their father, Shinobu went in search of her sister in Edo. Arriving at the brothel, her country dialect is incomprehensible to the courtesans there, except for Miyagino. After questioning Shinobu, Miyagino discovers they are sisters, hears of their father's death, and the two plot revenge.


First published in 1881 this copy is from a later edition published between 1893-95 by Matsuki Heikichi, which is the family name of Daikokuya Heikichi. The original publisher was Tsudo Genshichi (津田源七). In the earlier edition the signature is longer enclosed in a cartouche. The later edition has a shorter signature and no surrounding cartouche.

Miyagino and her sister want to take revenge on Shiga Ganshichi. This is based on a popular story from the Shōhō era (1644-48).


The Yoshitoshi.net site notes: "The initial 'Shi' of the younger sister's name is written in hentai-gana in the caption; since hentai-gana are not (yet) available in Unicode, it cannot be shown properly in the caption transcription."