Artist: Isoda Koryūsai (礒田湖龍斎)

Print: Young woman under willow in the falling snow

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Dates: circa 1774,created
Dimensions: 5.1 in,28.3 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Koryūsai ga (湖龍斎画)
Artist's seal: Masakatsu (unreadable)

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Physical description:

In Ukiyo-e Prints and Paintings from the Early Masters to Shunshō: Edoardo Chiossone Museum of Oriental Art, Genoa by Luigi Bernabò Brea and Eiko Kondo, cat. #198, color illustration pl. XXII b. The authors write: "A young woman with an open umbrella out walking in the snow. Above her, a willow branch. This was evidently inspired by Harunobu's famous print of a young couple in the snow."

Listed in The Prints of Isoda Koryusai... by Allen Hockley, p. 238, Appendix 3, Hashira-e, #5.

"A slender girl, a zukin over her head, is walking under an umbrella in the snow"
-- Jacob Pins plate 335, pg 161.