Artist: Saikōtei Shibakuni (西光亭芝国)

Print: Ichikawa Danzō V as Miuranosuke (三浦之介)
in the kabuki play Kamakura Sandaiki [鏡倉三代記]

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Dates: 1824,created
Dimensions: 10.25 in,15.0 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print

Signed: Saikōtei Shibakuni ga
Publishers: Unidentified according to Marks (#U502- seal 30-020) - (van Doesburg calls it Chū) and Ariwaradō Chūbei (Marks 015 - 04-019)
Others identify the flower seal as belonging to Wataya Kihei.

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Physical description:

Print in the shape of a battledore.

A copy of this print is illustrated in black and white in Ōsaka Kagami 大阪鏡 by Jan van Doesburg, p. 51.