Artist: Katsukawa Shuntei (勝川春亭)

Print: Yoshitsune (源義經公) and Benkei (武蔵坊弁慶)

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Dates: circa 1795,created
Dimensions: 20.0 in,14.25 in,Overall dimensions
Medium: Japanese woodblock print
Inscription: Signed: Shuntei ga (春亭画)
Publisher: Nishimuraya Yohachi
(Marks 391 seal 01-008)
Censor's seal: kiwame

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Physical description:

Oban diptych.

"In this legendary scene, Benkei, the famous warrior-monk of the late twelfth century, plants a signboard in front of a gnarled plum tree at Daimotsu Bay by order of his master, Minamoto no Yoshitsune. Based on an edict issued in the Ten'ei period (1110-1112) for a famous maple tree, the sign reads... 'If you break off one branch of this tree, one of your fingers will be cut off.' The date on the sign, Ju'ei 3 (1184), marks the beginning of the Gempei wars, and the year Yoshitsune and the Minamoto troops defeated the Taira at the decisive battle of Ichinotani."

Quoted from: Jewels of Japanese Printmaking: Surimono of the Bunka-Bunsei Era 1804-1830, by Joan B. Mirviss, p. 98.