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Nakamura Shikan I (中村芝翫) as a celestial being (天人) from 御名残押絵交張 (おんなごりおしえのまぜはり)

Identifier: 1818c Toyokuni shikan lotus

This print of a celestial being is one of several from a series, 御名残押絵交張, showing Nakamura Shikan I in a variety of roles. See the links at Waseda University above to see some of the other images. Not all the prints in this series are linked to here.

In 9/1819 "Shikan celebrates his last performance at the Nakamuraza by playing all the roles of a 9-roles dance program called "Onagori Oshie no Mazebari". The roles are Tennin (a heavenly being), Kyôran (the madness), Kurombô (the black creature), Tomomori (the legendary warrior Taira no Tomomori), Tobae (this section is based on of Toba Sôjô Kakuyû who was a high-ranking prient of the Tendai sect and a renowned painter), Miko (a shaman), Kan U (a famous Chinese warlord), Keisei (a high-ranking courtesan) and Tamamo-no-Mae (the leading character of the play "Tamamo-no-Mae Asahi no Tamoto")." (Source Kabuki21)

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