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Shōno (庄野): The Kumano Shrine and the Shiratori Grave Mound (Kumano no yashiro - 熊野ノ社, Shiratori-zuka - 白鳥塚); Women Travellers (Onna tabibito), from the series The Fifty-three Stations [of the Tōkaidō Road] by Two Brushes (Sōhitsu gojūsan tsugi - 双筆五十三次)

Identifier: 1855 Hiroshige shono

Please click on the image to enlarge it so you can see the dramatic woodgrain printing of the gray sky of the landscape portion designed by Hiroshige.


This is number 46 from this series of 55 prints - despite the title of the series.


Illustrated in color in Kunisada's Tōkaidō: Riddles in Japanese Woodblock Prints by Andreas Marks, p. 198, #T79-46.

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