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The Heroine Koharu from the series The Complete works of Chikamatsu (Dai Chikamatsu zenshu: 'Shinju ten no amijima' no Koharu)

Identifier: 1924 Keigetsu tobacco

"Her face and hands printed with white lead (or some other pigment which tends to oxidize), and embellished with fine silver mica on her obi, the sheer bow in her hair, the scattered leaf-pattern on her collar, and the metal tip of the pipe; signed Keigetsu, carved by Yamagishi Kazue (1893-1985), and printed by Nishimura Kumakichi, published by Dai Chikamatsu Zenshu Kankokai in April 1922

This is the first print from a collaborative series of 18 prints depicting famous roles from plays written by Chikamatsu Monzaemon (1653-1725) which were published to accompany a set of 16 volumes of his work that were issued on a monthly basis starting in April 1922.

This information is quoted directly from Scholten Japanese Art.

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