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Bandō Hikosaburō IV (坂東彦三郎) as a ghost and Onoe Eizaburō III (尾上栄三郎) as a cowering princess - from the play Tsumaga Gasane Sugata no Hana Kurabe (嬲容顔花競 -つまがさねすがたのはなくらべ)

Identifier: 1830c Kuniyoshi bando

This print may be a kabuki production related to The Tale of Heike. While the roles names are as yet unread, the last kanji character reads as hime or 姫 which can be translated as 'princess'.

The elaborate floral headdress or fukiwa-mage wig worn by the onnagata Onoe Eizaburō is a clue to the actor's role.

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