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Woman Holding a Child Before a Daruma Kite -
center panel of a triptych of The Five Festivals - Mutsuki (五節句之内睦月)

Identifier: 1847-52c Kuniyoshi daruma kite.jpg

Mutsuki (睦月) is the first month - now an obsolete term - of the lunar calendar. The full triptych is one of Kuniyoshi's most charming compositions. One of the tell tale signs that this is a celebration of the New Year is the hagoita being carried by the woman in the right-hand panel, not seen here.

Each panel features a bijin accompanied by a child. In this print the swaddled child is not an infant, but a child several years old apparently. Click on the print to enlarge it to see this child more closely.


The Five Festivals are the Gosekku no uchi (五節句の内).


The full triptych is illustrated in color in Kuniyoshi by Jūzō Suzuki, Heibonsha Limited, Publishers, 1992, no. 263.


There is another copy of this print in the Ishibi Prefectural Museum.

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