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Chinese boy feeding a dragon

Identifier: 1808 Shumman surimono dragon feeding

Koban surimono - Boy feeds a small dragon kept in a large porcelain cup. Notice that the cup is somewhat translucent and that the lower part of the dragon can be seen through its outer surface.

There is liberal use of metallic inks and embossing.

"Dragons abound in both Japanese and Chinese mythology. A dragon emerging from a bowl is usually associated with the recluse, arhat, Handaka Sonja. However, the man in this design barely resembles an arhar. The allusion is thus probably to Ka Shinjin(?) who cured a sick dragon...

Two poems by Bairyūtei and Kanzanrō. Both poems refer to the Garyōume, the old plum tree growing at Komeido Shrine..."

Quoted from: Surimono in the Rijksmuseum, Amsterdam by Matthi Forrer, p. 55.

similar subject by Hokkei at Harvard

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