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「洲走お熊 市村家橘」Right panel: Onoe Kikujirō II 尾上菊次郎 as Kumokiri o roku 雲切お六 Center panel: Ichimura Kakitsu IV 市村家橘 as Subashiri o kuma 洲走お熊 Left panel: Bandō Mitsugorō VI 坂東三津五郎 as Osaraba o Den おさらばお伝 and Sawamura Tosshô II 沢村訥升 as Kinezumi o Yosh 木鼠お吉

Identifier: 1865 Kunichika women triptych

This triptych commemorates a performance of the play Subashiri o kuma ichimura kakitsu (洲走お熊 市村家橘) at Ichimura Theater.

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