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Bijin sorōi (Series of Beauties - 美人そろうい) -
three separate aizuri-e in a series

Identifier: 1840-42 Kuniyoshi trip aizurie

The question of whether or not these three prints operate as a triptych or as three individual prints from a series may lie in the title which appears on each sheet. Normally the title would only appear on one sheet if this was meant to be a unified scene. As of now, we side with the argument for three separate but similar prints.

There is another copy of the print on the left in the Brooklyn Museum of Art. Their curatorial notes state: "This print offers a glimpse into Tokyo street life in the nineteenth century. Here, a beauty self-consciously tugs at her outfit while walking briskly to the theater. The text elaborates: “She is first going to the stage, where there are many beautiful ladies. So she took great care and neatly changed the way she wore her kimono.” "

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