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The strongman Kagekiyo (景清 - つげきよ) breaking out of prison

Identifier: 1820 Shunzan strongman

Since the artist Shunzan died in 1793, this image must have been published before that. However, the publisher, Mikawa, stayed in business until 1828 and they owned the blocks. Therefore, it is possible, that this print was produced posthumously, but no one can know for sure at this point.

The print bears the 'kiwame' seal and therefore postdates 1791.


Illustrated in Ukiyo-e dai musha-e ten - 浮世絵大武者絵展 - (The Samurai World in Ukiyo-e), edited by Yuriko Iwakiri, Machida City Museum of Graphic Arts, 2003, #75, p. 33. [This example is from the Tokyo National Museum.]

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