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Female admirers weeping before a large memorial portrait of the Ichikawa Danjūrō VIII

Identifier: 1854 Kuniyoshi danjuro VIII

Like most shini-e or memorial prints this one is unsigned by the artist. Many scholars, collectors, dealers and museums have ascribed this print to Kuniyoshi. One site, Waseda University, says it is by Yoshimune, Kuniyoshi's pupil. But until something absolute is found the attribution will be anyone's guess - even though stylistically it does look like a Kuniyoshi composition.

This print appears in black and white in the section on Death and Dying in The Male Journey in Japanese Prints by Roger Keyes, p. 184. This example can be found in the Achenbach Foundation collection, San Francisco.

There is another copy of this print in the National Gallery, Prague.

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