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Naritayama Fudō myōō (成田山不動明王) is flanked by his attendants, Kongara Dōji (l矜迦羅童子) on the left and Seitaka Dōji (制吒迦童子) on the right as he rescues Hiranoya Tokubei (平のや徳兵衛), later Honchōmaru Tsunagorō (本朝丸綱五郎), from the sea

Identifier: 1850-53 Kunisada Raiden

The Victoria and Albert Museum and the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston both identify this play as Genji moyō furisode hinagata (源氏模様娘雛形). That means that this image is based on a play borrowed from a kusazōshi or illustrated novel by Ryūtei Tanehiko.


  • Bandō Shūka I (初代坂東しうか) as Seitaka Dōji (right)
  • Ichikawa Ebizo V as the deity Naritayama Fudo Myōō rescuing
    Ichikawa Danjuro VIII (八代目市川団十郎) as Hiranoya Tokubei, later Honchōmaru Tsunagorō (center)
  • Ichikawa Kuzō II (二代目市川九蔵) as Kongara Dōji (left)

The title cartouche reads: 本朝丸綱五郎成田山之御利益ニ而危一命ヲ助ルノ処

Performed at Ichimura Theater 1851/09.


There is another copy of this triptych illustrated in black and white in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collection 5: Victoria and Albert Museum II, Kodansha, 1989, on page 162.

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