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'A Geisha in her Dressing Room' (Mijimai geisha - 身じまい芸者) from the series
'A Collection of Modern Beauties' (Tōsei bijin awase - 当世美人合)

Identifier: 1827 Kunisada dressing room

"I'm so attracted to her blue-tinted reflection in her hand mirror." [This is a direct quote by Mike Lyon, the owner of this print.]


There are at least 7 known different designs from this set. The Lyon Collection owns 3 of these - one in duplicate. See also #s 435, 493 and 1202.



1. In 歌川国貞:美人画を中心に, (Utagawa Kunisada : bijinga o chūshin ni), 1996, #91, p. 59.

2. UkiyoeTakei, vol. 10 [Kunisada], published by Shueisha., Tokyo. A detail from this print is illustrated on the front of this volume.

Loosely translated UkiyoeTakei could be 'A Survey of Ukiyo-e'.

3. In color in a small reproduction, #71, on page 160 of Kunisada: Imaging Drama and Beauty.

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