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Iwai Hanshirō V (岩井半四郎) as Seitaka Dōji (せいたかの童子 [制吒迦童子])
from 雪芳野来入顔鏡 (ゆきもよしのきごとのかおみせ)

Identifier: 1812c Kunisada Hanshiro V

This is truly one of Kunisada's earliest prints. It represents Seitaka Dōji, one of the two attendants of the god Fudō Myōō. It is the lower right panel of a triangular-shaped triptych.

complete triptych at Waseda University


There is an ink on paper hanging scroll of Seitaka (Sk: Cetaka or servant) dated 1164 in the Cleveland Museum of Art. It represents Seitaka is a less benign form, less feminine looking. Here he is almost warrior-like on horseback.


There is a beautifully preserved 14th century suit of armor in the collection of the Metropolitan Museum of Art. On the leather corselet there is an illustration of Fudō Myōō accompanied by his attendants including a childlike Seitaka Dōji.

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