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Farm wives relaxing (Ikou nōfu)

Identifier: 1795c Utamaro Bijin Farmers

Poem by Shingoken Birin (寝語軒美隣) Jomō:

I can bear the knocks to my heart,
From my fickle cover,
But the sadness digs into me,
When there is no breeze of romance,
To whisper "I love you"


"A 'crimson-avoiding' (beni-girai) or 'purple picture' (murasaki-e) showing farmers' wives taking a rest from their work in the shade of a tree. The kyōka poem above is by Shingoken Birin, signed with the added notation 'Jōmō', refering to Kōzuke Province (present-day Gumma Prefecture), and reads [as seen above]. This is one of a series of genre scenes in aiban format with kyōka poems, published by Tsutaya, and a total of eight desins are presently known."

Quoted from: The Passionate Art of Kitagawa Utamaro by Shugō Asano and Timothy Clark, text volume, p. 95. The example is illustrated in the plates volume in color on page 38 is from a private collection in Japan. There is another copy of this print in the collection of the New York Public Library, but it does not appear to be illustrated online.

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