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Onoe Tamizō II (尾上多見蔵) in the role of Ishikawa Goemon (石川五右衛門)
riding an eagle from the series Birds and Flowers, Wind and Moon
[Kachō fūgetsu no uchi - 花鳥風月ノ内]

Identifier: 1860c Kunikazu tamizo II

The publisher is said to be Ishikawaya Wasuke (Marks 163).


The Museum of Fine Arts in Boston dates this print to 1/1858 and relates it to the play Keisei Setsugekka, while Ritsumeikan University gives the date of 1/1866.


A similar related print from a series by the same title, by this artist - also in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston - illustrates the 'Flowers' part. The title cartouche is basically the same as the example in the Lyon Collection, but the date they give is 1860, two years later. Not only that, but the kabuki play they link it to is different and so is the theater. [See the links above. We would also like to thank E. Pieters for bringing this print and the one of 'Wind' at Ritsumeikan University to our attention.]

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