• Front and back covers
  • Keyblock for Fabric Pattern Series - two sides with contemporary proof
  • Iwai Hanshirō V (岩井半四郎), Iwai Kumesaburō II (岩井粂三郎) and Tokiwazu Komojidayū (常盤津小文字太夫) visiting the Sensōji, a temple at Asakusa - center panel of a triptych
  • Irises stencil print from a set of 12 entitled 'Egoyomi Calendar Pictures' (絵暦拾弐帖)
  • Memorial Portrait of Arashi Kitsusaburō I (嵐橘三郎) I as Nagai Genzaburō (永井源三郎) from the play <i>Katakiuchi Chikai no Shigarami</i> [敵討義恋柵]
  • <i>Bijin sorōi</i> (Series of Beauties - 美人そろうい) - three separate <i>aizuri-e</i> in a series
  • Nakamura Utaemon III (中むら歌右ヱ門) as Lady Tamamo no Mae in the Dance of Nine Changes (<i>Kokono bake no uchi</i> - 九変化ノ内, <i>Tamamo no mae</i> - 玉藻ノ前) in the play <i>Yosete Arata ni Kokonobake</i> [日本新玉九尾化]
  • Actors visiting a teahouse overlooking Shinobazu Pond  (不忍池新地ノ図) - a <i>mitate</i>
  • Nanbanesque Behavior [南蛮ぶり]
  • Illustrated book on warriors volumes 1 & 3 of 3 bound in one (attributed to Okamoto Masafusa [岡本昌房])

Welcome to The Lyon Collection!

Ukiyo-e Prints in the Mike Lyon Collection

Mike Lyon (artist b. 1951) was fortunate to have grown up familiar with Japanese prints. In his youth Lyon’s parents and grandparents displayed examples that certainly inspired his own artistic development. He began acquiring Japanese color woodcuts early in his career as an artist. The types of prints that feature most prominently among the many hundreds in Lyon's collection reflect the artist’s deep appreciation of the human figure and the expressive facial portrait. The vast majority of Japanese prints in the Lyon collection represent views of actors yakusha-e) and beautiful women (bijin-ga), and in particular the close-up, bust-length portraits of the same (okubi-e).

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