Tsutaya Kichizō (蔦屋吉蔵) (publisher ca 1820 – 1890)

Kōeidō (firm name - 紅栄堂)
Tsutakichi (seal name - 蔦吉)
Hayashi Kichizō (family name - 林吉蔵)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Ikkei print
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Shosai print
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Kuniyasu example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Sūgakudō example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Hiroshige II example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Kuniteru example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Kunisada II example


Edo/Tokyo print publisher (Marks 556). Artists published by this house include Chikanobu, Eisai, Eisen, Ginkō, Hiroshige, Hiroshige II, Hiroshige III, Ikkei, Kunichika, as Kunisada and Toyokuni III, Kunisada II, Kunisada III, Kunikiyo, Kuniteru, Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi, Rinsai, Sadatora, Senchō, Shosai, Sūgakudō, Toshinobu, Toyokuni I, Yoshiharu II, Yoshitora, Yoshitoshi, Yoshitsuna, Yoshitsuru I and Yoshitsuya.

[Artists published by this house in the Lyon Collection are highlighted in bold type.]


"Active from c. 1820 until 1890, Tsutaya Kichizō published an enormous amount of prints and was successful with a number of series by different artists, especially from the 1830s to early 1860s. In the 1820s, Tsutaya first issued series of beautiful women by Eisen and actor prints by Kunisada. Prints of warriors and sumo wrestlers were added to the portfolio in the 1830s as were illustrated books by various artists. Tsutaya developed an interest in the Tokaidō theme and issued Eisen's two beauty series related to the Tokaidō."

Quoted from Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers and Masterworks 1680-1900 (p. 268) by Andreas Marks.


Tsutaya Kichizō used the same seal of an ivy leaf under the three peaks of Fuji that Tsutaya Juzaburō had used.