Bandō Kamezō I (初代坂東亀蔵) (actor 1800 – 1873)

Shinsui (poetry name)
Bandō Hikosaburō IV (四代目坂東彦三郎)
Ichimura Kamesaburō (市村龜三郎)
Bandō Shinsui IV (四代目坂東薪水)
Ichimura Takesaburō (市村竹三郎)




This actor held this name from the 3/1856 until 3/1871 when he retired.


Bandō Kamezō I was a talented and popular tachiyaku, an outstanding dancer, who excelled in nimaime (at the beginning of his career), budōgoto and jitsugotoshi roles, then in jitsuaku and oyajigata roles in his latter years.

Bandō Kamezō I's best roles: Igami no Gonta ("Sushiya" scene in "Yoshitsune Sembon Zakura"), En'ya Hangan/Kakogawa Honzō ("Kanadehon Chūshingura"), Shiratayū ("Sugawara Denju Tenarai Kagami").

This actor was born in 1800 and died on November 14, 1873.


The National Theater of Japan describes the character Igami no Gonta (いがみの権太): "Gonta spends his time gambling and stealing, so his sushi-chef father has cut almost all ties with him. Knowing that his father intends to help the family of his father’s former masters, who are now fleeing, Gonta pretends to be evil but secretly hands over his own wife and child instead of the fleeing family. His furious father, not knowing the truth, stabs him, and, in pain, he reveals his real feelings before he dies."