Kagaya Kichiemon (加賀屋吉右衛門) (publisher ca 1815 – 1850)

Soseidō (firm name - 青盛堂)
Kagakichi (seal name - 加賀吉)
Tsutsumi Kichiemon (family name - 堤吉右衛門)



Edo print publisher (Marks 195). It was also known as Kagaya Kichibei.

Artists published by this house included Eizan, Fusatane, Hayakawa Shōzan, Hiroshige II, Hiroshige III, Kunichika, Kuninao, as Kunisada and as Toyokuni III, Kunisada II, Kunisada III, Kuniteru II, Kunitoshi, Kuniyasu, Kuniyoshi, Myōrindō Kakushi, Nobukazu, Toyokuni I, Yoshifuji, Yoshikazu, Yoshiiku, Yoshitora, Yoshitoshi, Yoshitoyo and Yoshitsuya.

"By the mid 1810s, the firm Seiseidō, which was at that time owned by Kagaya Kichiemon, started to issue prints." The first series published by them appears to be by Kunisada. Little is known about this house until they hit pay dirt with the publication of Kuniyoshi's 108 Heroes of a Popular Water Margin series. "In the 1840s, Kagaya's output again decreased significantly." However, business picked up again in the 1850s. "In the second month of 1862, Kagaya Kichibei's son Otojiro inherited the business and became Kichibei II. He succeeded in continuing the, at the time, successful business and engaged many more artists..." Source and quotes from Japanese Woodblock Prints: Artists, Publishers and Masterworks 1680-1900 by Andreas Marks, p. 264.

[Artists in the Lyon Collection who were published by this house have their name highlighted in bold type.]