Teisai Senchō (貞斎泉晁) (artist )

Seichōtei (go - 青蔦亭)
Sogetsuen (go - 素明園)
Kikugawa Kichizō (family name - 菊川吉蔵)



According to the Japan Arts Council Senchō was born in 1812, but his death date is unknown.

Senchō was a pupil of Ikeda Eisen. Little is known about his life. His print works are depictions of bijin (beautiful women) in the style of Eisen. He was active from ca. 1830 to 1850. He took the second character or Eisen's name (泉) for the first character of his.


Edward Fairbrother Strange wrote in his Japanese Illustration: A History of the Arts of Wood-cutting and Colour Printing in Japan of 1897 on page 79: "A pupil of Yeisen's may be shortly alluded to, as his prints are of sufficient merit and rarity to excite interest, viz., Teisai Senchō (Sogetsuyen). His private name was Yoshizō, and he is said to have achieved distinction as a book illustrator. It is, however, possible that this latter statement has arisen from some confusion with Teisai Hokuba, the pupil of Hokusai."


There is a Senchō print in the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston which shows four portraits of actors as Suikoden heroes. They also own a kacho-e by this artist.

Sōshūya Yohei and Tsutaya Kichizō are two of the publishers who worked with this artist.


As an illustrator for book publishers

Senchō drew illustrations for a Jippensha Ikku ehon for Kawasei in 1830; and for a Tamenaga Shunsui ehon - publisher unknown; for Wakasaya Yoichi in 1827 in 和歌三人由来; for Kawaguchi Shōzō (川口正蔵) in 1830; for Izumiya Ichibei in 1830-31 and again in 1834; for Maruya Jinpachi in 1831; for Tsutaya Kichizō in 1831-35; for Tsuruya Kiemon in 1833.