Bandō Hikosaburō IV (四代目坂東彦三郎) (actor 1800 – 1873)

Shinsui (poetry name)
Ichimura Kamesaburō (市村龜三郎)
Bandō Kamezō I (初代坂東亀蔵)
Bandō Shinsui IV (四代目坂東薪水)
Ichimura Takesaburō (市村竹三郎)



This actor held this name from 11/1816 to 2/1856. He had been adopted by Bandō Hikosaburō III (1754-1828). Hikosaburō IV's brother was Ichimura Uzaemon XI (1791-1820). Hikosaburō V (1832-77), who appears in three prints in the Lyon Collection under that name, was the adopted son of Hikosaburō IV.

Hikosaburō IV was born in Edo in 1800. "His father is the publisher Fukuchi Mohē IV and his mother is the daughter of Tomoeya Shōbei. His father is also a manager at the Ichimuraza." In 11/1812 Hikosaburō made his debut as Ichimura Takesaburō in his father's theater in the role of a child. One year later he appeared in the same theater taking the name Ichimura Kamesaburō. He played the yakko Katsuhei.