Gatōken Shunshi (画登軒春芝) (artist )

Tōryūsai (go - 登龍斎)
Shunyōsai (go - 春陽斎)


Osaka Prints


There were at least three different artists who used the name Shunshi around the same time. However, in each case the 'shi' element was written with a different kanji character.


A pupil of Hokushū; listed as an actor portraitist on the single-sheet broadside Naniwa shoryū gajin meika annai ("Guide to the many famous contemporary artists of Osaka") circa 1831, where he is identified as Tōryūsai Shunshi and his Osaka address as Futatsuido; not to be confused with at least three other artists of the period also signing as "Shunshi" (whose writing of the second character, shi, differed in all instances).

Often depicted the actor Onoe Tamizō II (1799-1886), representing one of the more dedicated and focused efforts in actor portraiture, and resulting in some fine compositions.

Pupils: Gashōken Shunpo, Gakōken Shunshi; Gajuken Shunsho; Gayūken Shunsei; Gachōken Shuntei; and Gayūken Shun'ō.