Nakayama Nanshi II (二代目中山南枝) (actor 1790 – 1858)

Isshi (poetry name)
Yoshio (poetry name)
Nakayama Azuma (中山吾妻)
Nakayama Isshi I (初代中山一枝)
Nakayama Ittoku II (二代目中山一徳)
Nakayama Torakichi (中山虎吉)
Nakayama Yoshio III (三代目中山よしを)



This actor is most commonly referred to as Nakayama Nanshi II. However, he had taken the name Yoshio III in 1/1838 and reverted to the name Nanshi II in 1/1845.

Born in Osaka in 1790, he was first a student of Nakayama Yoshio I (1776-1818), who gave him the name Nakayama Torakichi. He gave up that name in 1808 and became Nakayama Azuma. In 1815 he became Nakayama Ittoku II. He was performing in the minor theaters at this time. From 1815-18 he acted under the name Nakayama Isshi I. On 23/1/1818 his teacher Nakayama Yoshio I died. In 1819 Isshi was on tour in Nagoya with Kataoka Ichizo I, Onoe Fujaku III - both of whom are represented in the Lyon Collection in quite a few prints - and with Arashi Mitsugorō.


Kabuki21 adds: "Nakayama Nanshi II was a popular and talented 19th century Ōsaka onnagata actor, who was able to perform any kind of female role. He was considered as the last great Kamigata onnagata of the Edo period."


This actor appeared in prints by Hokuei, Hironobu, Hirosada, Kunikazu, Yoshitoyo, Sadanobu I and Yoshitaki.