Sumiyoshiya Masagorō (住吉屋政吾郎) (publisher mid 19th century)

Hōraidō (firm name - 鳳来堂)
Sumimasa (seal name - 住政)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Hiroshige triptych from 1851
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Toyokuni III 1852 print


Edo publsher (Marks #498). Marks gives two dates for this publisher. One is ca. 1804-1860 and the other is ca. 1847-1853. He explains it this way: "Overlapping dates indicate that a publisher simultaneously operated at more than one location, a few even in other cities."

Artists published by this house include Hiroshige, Kunisada II, Kuniyoshi, Toyokuni III and Yoshikazu.

[Kuniyoshi is the only artist in the Lyon Collection who was published by this house. His name is highlighted in bold type.]