Asao Tamejūrō I (初代浅尾為十郎) (actor 1735 – 1804)

Okuyama (poetry name - 奥山)
Asao Mankichi (浅尾万吉)
Asao Tamezō I (淺尾爲藏)
Asao Tōkichi (淺尾藤吉)


Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - 1788 Shunkō print of Tamejūrō I
British Museum - painting by Shokosai Hanbei ca. 1794-95
British Museum - painting by Ryukosai Jokei 1790-95


This actor held this name from 11/1756 to 10/1803. His son was Asao Tamejūrō II (1779-1806). "...born in Kyōto. His father Sugimoto Tamesaburō, who is a renowned shamisen, gives him the name of Tamejūrō. Sugimoto Tamejūrō becomes disciple of the wakaonnagata actor Asao Jūjirō, who gives him the name of Asao Mankichi and teaches him his art. The Sugimoto family settles in Ōsaka and Asao Mankichi takes the names of Asao Tōkichi and Asao Tamezō at unknown dates, performing with travelling troupes. Later on, he becomes disciple of the actor Asao Motogorō I at an unknown date." Quoted directly from Kabuki21.


Tamejūrō I appears in several prints by Shunkō and Shun'ei and in paintings by Shokosai Hanbei and his teacher Ryukosai Jokei.