Kobayahsi Shinkichi (小林新吉) (publisher ca 1877 – 1895)


Princeton University Library - Fusatane example


Tokyo publisher (Marks 256). Artists published by this house include Fusutane, Kuniaki, Kunichika, Kunisada III (aka Kunimasa IV) and Kuniume.

Kunichika and Kunimasa IV are the only artists in the Lyon Collection who were published by this house. Their names are highlighted in bold type above.


Marks gives the dates of ca. 1885 to 1891 for this publisher. However, the Lyon Collection has a triptych dated to Meiji 10, which translates to ca. 1877. It is marked clearly on the right-hand print along with the publisher's address - which is noted in Marks. This triptych is also by Kunichika who is not listed in Marks as having been published by this house, but he clearly was.

Marks also gives an end date for this publisher as 1891, but there is a print by Fusatane at the Princeton University Library date Meiji 26 (明治26 - 1893). The Kunimasa IV print in the Lyon Collection is believed to be from ca. 1895. If that is the true date then the end date should be moved two more years forward.