Jiraiya (自来也) (role )



Jiraiya can often be identified by his '100 Day' wig or hyakunichi (百日).

A type of wild, bushy wig (鬘) worn by villains meant to indicate a head of hair uncut for at least 100 days. It is also called a daibyaku. There is also a 50 day look in the gojūnichi.

"Long hair stands up bristle-like from the crown. The wig's name is highly conventional as no one's hair could grow this long in 100 days.... The main version, the hyakunichi no tare, includes a long pony tail bound near the bottom with a gold rope...." The "...softness of the top hair also suggests that the character is not well, perhaps due to an excess of fear and anger."

Quote from: New Kabuki Encyclopedia by Samuel L. Leiter, p. 179


This information is from the curatorial files at the British Museum.

Character from a story by Santo Kyoden; son of a chieftain in Kyushu, left destitute as a youth, he turned to theft and murder to restore his family's fortunes. Having received supernatural powers from a Toad Spirit, he used them for the good of the people. He wed a girl who had received instruction from a Snail Spirit, and his services were rewarded with the title Izu-no-kami.