Double page illustration from the Ichirō Gafu (<i>Ichirō Picture Book</i>: 一老画譜)

Yashima Gakutei (八島岳亭) (artist 1786 – 1868)

Double page illustration from the Ichirō Gafu (Ichirō Picture Book: 一老画譜)


11 in x 8.75 in (Overall dimensions) Japanese woodblock print
National Diet Library - page 13
Lyon Collection - a full volume
Metropolitan Museum of Art
The British Museum
The National Museum of Asian Art - Pulverer example
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston
Marega Collection at the Library of Università Pontificia Salesiana (via Ritsumeikan University) According to the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston the introduction was written by Minamoto no Mitsuhiro.



1) in The Art of the Japanese Book by Jack Hillier, vol. 2, Sotheby's Publications, 1987, p. 858.

This illustration first appeared in 1820, although the date does not appear. The 1823 edition was published by Gasendo.

2) in color in Ukiyo-e Masterpieces in European Collections: British Museum III, supervised by Muneshige Narazaki, Kodansha Ltd, 1988, #325.


There is a copy of this book, 一老画譜, in the National Diet Library.


There is another copy of this publication in the Victoria and Albert Museum, but it is unillustrated online. Other institutions which own copies are the Achenbach Foundation and Oberlin College.
picture book (ehon - 絵本) (genre)
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