Jukōdō Yoshikuni (寿好堂よし国) (artist )

Nakamura Utaemon III as Torii Matasuke (鳥井又助) in The Courtesan and Mirror Mountain (Keisei Kagamiyama - けいせい双鏡山) - this is the right panel of a diptych


10 in x 15 in (Overall dimensions) color woodblock print

Signed: Yoshikuni ga (芳国画)
Publisher: Toshikuraya Shinbei (Marks 539)
Publisher's seal: Toshishin (利新 Marks 25-553)
Lyon Collection - Kuniyoshi print, 1852
Museum of Fine Arts, Boston - Kunisada diptych, 1832
Lyon Collection - Hirosada diptych, 1852
Hankyu Culture Foundation
Hankyu Culture Foundation - another panel from this composition

Torii Matasuke is tricked into killing his own master. Here he is waiting along the bank of a river for the man he thinks is his enemy to arrive.

This is the right-hand sheet of a diptych which depicts Nakamura Utaemon III as Torii Matasuke and (left sheet, missing) Bandō Mitsugorō III as general Taga in Courtesan and Mirror Mountain (Keisei Kagamiyama - けいせい双鏡山), Kado no Shibai, Osaka, 1/1821.

Inscription on Post: “Now at the Kado Theater”

See Schwaab, Osaka Prints, no. 31, p. 75.

Schwaab states: “On the 22nd day of the first month, the Edo actors Matsumoto Kôshirô V and Iwai Hanshirô V, who, like Mitsugorô, had also arrived late the preceding year, opened in a production of Keisei Tonoshimadai, at the Naka Theater that included the local star Arashi Kichisabrô II. At this performance Kichisaburô changed names, styling himself Kitsusaburô I until his death later in the year. On the 25th of the same month, Utaemon, Mitsugorô, and Nakamura Matsue III starred in a production of Keisei Kagamiyama, which is illustrated here .... The presence of these two competing groups of superstars must surely be one of the unique events in the entire history of the theater in Osaka. This strong composition represents Yoshikuni at his early best....”

This information was supplied by John Fiorillo.
Kyōto-Osaka prints (kamigata-e - 上方絵) (genre)
Nakamura Utaemon III 三代目中村歌右衛門 (actor)
Toshikuraya Shinbei (利倉屋新兵衛) (publisher)
Keisei Kagamiyama (けいせい双鏡山) (kabuki)