Sawamura Gennosuke I (澤村源之助) in an unidentified role

Utagawa Toyokuni I (初代歌川豊国) (artist 1769 – 02/24/1825)

Sawamura Gennosuke I (澤村源之助) in an unidentified role


ca 1809
9.8 in x 14.4 in (Overall dimensions) color woodblock print

Signed: Toyokuni ga (豊国画)
Publisher: Miyakawaya Seiemon
(Marks 328 -seal 16-011)
Censor's seal: kiwame

Lyon Collection - another Toyokuni I of this actor with his crest prominently displayed

This print has seen better days. It is soiled, torn, worn and faded. But even as it is, the figure of Gennosuke I could be identified, not by the printed text in the upper right, but by this actor's personal crest, a partial chrysanthemum flower, seen in a circular pattern. It is what decorates his under-robe and can be seen clearly on the front of the lower part of his costume.


There is another fresher, but cropped version of this print in the collection of Drexel University in Philadelphia.
actor prints (yakusha-e - 役者絵) (genre)
Mikawaya Seiemon (三河屋清右衛門) (publisher)
Sawamura Gennosuke I (初代沢村源之助: 1/1791 to 10/1811) (actor)